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Phases and results
Actions on the 9 pilot cities
Alpine Space programme
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InnoCité : How to improve competitiveness of small-medium cities under the influence of Alpine great urban centres ? 

Les enjeux d'InnoCité (video)

The InnoCité issues (video) 

Was ist InnoCité (video) 


la méthodologie InnoCité (video de 17 min) 

la méthodologie InnoCité (video de 4 min) 

the InnoCité methodology (video of 17 min)

the InnoCité methodology (video of 4 min)

Le guide InnoCité / InnoCité guidelines :

Vol. 1: "Villes InnoCité" / "InnoCité cities" : Version française / English version 

Vol. 2: "Approche InnoCité" / "InnoCité approach" : Version française/ English version

Vol. 3: "Etudes de cas InnoCité" / "InnoCité case studies" : Version française / English version



1 - Context 

In the Alpine region, metropolisation has given birth to changes in the urban system and the urban-rural relationships. The dichotomy between small settlements and important metropolitan growth areas (e.g. Lyon, Milan, Munich, Vienna, Triest and other large towns) can be solved through a challenging role of high-potential small and medium-sized Alpine cities and the catching areas around them.


2 - Objectives 

InnoCité is a territorial ecosystem approach, which facilitates a complementary positioning of Alpine small/medium-sized towns. It proposes an empowering toolkit to decision-makers, who desire to find a complementary positioning toward large agglomerations.

According to the renewed Lisbon Agenda, the objectives consist in enhancing a sustainable development of these cities by:




Examples action fields

   implementing sustainable spatial planning to reduce economic and social disparities between large agglomerations and peripheral cities

Parks and vegetalization

Terraces actions
Accessibility and parking spaces


   improving their attractiveness and quality of life by creating a common vision taking into account residential, administrative and economic functions

Customers, shopkeepers surveys and flow countings

Territorial marketing


Visual identity, heritage buildings, lightings

Events and social links


   setting transnational models for attracting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to invest in small and medium-sized cities as well as contribute to their infrastructure and identity

Commercial activity types and search for new investors

Commercial estate diagnosis

Quality of commercial estate



3 - Methodology


A balanced territorial development policy is linked with a necessary reinterpretation of governance.
This objective is to be achieved through the implementation of participatory methods involving various stakeholders (public authorities, politics, specialists of spatial planning, economists, urban planners, local SMEs, local citizens, students, etc) in private/public partnerships, in order to share a common governance culture ensuring sustainability and transferability of the results.


InnoCité project integrates many places of experimentation :

         France (Rhône-Alpes Region): Neuville-sur-Saône; (Franche-Comté Region): Lure

         Germany (Bavaria): Garmisch-Partenkirchen city and county

        Austria (Lower Austria): Hollabrunn and Bad Vöslau; (Salzburg): Köstendorf, Neumarkt am Wallersee, Straßwalchen;

         Italy (Lombardy Region): Voghera and Darfo Boario Terme

         Slovenia (Primorska Region): Koper


Transnational experimentations took place in different towns at the same time, for example on Town Centre Management or on urban planning and design participation processes.

Last Updated : 15/10/2012

Use the InnoCité tools for your city!


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InnoCité Final conference on competitiveness of small and medium-sized cities ' PRESS KIT now available


Lure (Franche-Comté) 01/04/2011: Conférence en français sur "Les petites villes à la reconquête de leurs espaces centraux: démarches participatives publiques-privées"


BRUSSELS 3rd March 2011: Free conference on "How Public-Private Partnership sustainably improves the competitiveness of small and medium-sized cities?"

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